Locked GateIntroduction

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM – aka ‘bug sweeping’) is a highly specialised field of technical investigation designed to seek out and mitigate the threats posed by implanted technology such as miniature recording/transmitting devices and their software equivalents. The skill sets required for effective TSCM are rare within the UK, usually found only in HMG and ex-HMG employees, thus this is an area of Information Risk Management (IRM) where ‘less than fully qualified’ operators exist – caveat emptor.


Data Dialogues is able to deploy experienced and well-equipped, ex-HMG operatives to undertake TSCM searches to a very high standard. These operatives are able not only to search for physical implants but also logical implants, within software on computers and mobile telephones, using highly specialised forensics techniques.